Central Taiwan Science Park helps entrepreneurial unicorns become industrial golden hens


“Unicorns” no longer have to fight alone. Central Taiwan Science Park has made great efforts to build a fully functional innovation and entrepreneurship base to accelerate the innovation and transformation of the science park and “cultivate the next TSMC!” Unicorns have the opportunity to become the golden goose mother that creates business opportunities.

For young people to start their own business, capital and talent are the two major barriers to success. How can a “unicorn” become a “golden hen” that makes money? Chen Ming huang, director of the Central Taiwan Science Park , said that from 2013 to 2017, a total of 90 teams were mentored for the innovation and entrepreneurship incentive program. Among them, 8 teams won the Entrepreneurship Excellence Award, and 23 teams have established companies. In addition, there are also new startups in the park incubation center. It has settled in 64 companies with accumulated capital of 1.5 billion yuan and achieved fruitful results.

“Taiwan Color Optics, Inc.”, which started with projection optical modules, was developed and started by three young people. General Manager Y.P. Chang and CEO C.F. Wang appeared at the Central Taiwan Science Park on the 28th to give their own explanations. Y.P. Chang said that the company only started to make profits after 5 years of operation. I worked as a “volunteer” for the first three years and relied on the support of my wife to continue to survive.

Fortunately, before everything will be used up, one day the company received a call from Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.. Y.P. Chang said that he was shocked at the time, “Terry Gou? Could it be a scam call?” It turned out that their presentation at an international industry conference attracted the attention of various countries. Word of mouth spread about their technical capabilities such as laser light sources, and I originally thought they would be seen advertising.

Y.P. Chang said that Hon Hai Group actually does not know “Taiwan Color Optics, Inc.”, . It was recommended by Japanese manufacturers. Now Taiwanese colored light technology has successfully entered the supply chain of laser car lighting components of well-known car manufacturers in the application of car lights, and related products will soon enter the market. mass production.

Taiwan Color Optics stated that laser lighting can not only be used in car lights and projectors, but also in applications that require long-distance lighting. There is room for laser lighting to be used. There are already professional drone operators, which are suitable for police and consumer applications. on a professional drone manufacturer has high interest.

For police and firefighters, if it can be installed on a drone  can be of great help in deterring crimes, night search and rescue and other tasks. However, the current weight and power consumption of searchlights are too high, making it difficult to install on drones. A new generation of searchlights based on laser lighting , it is expected to solve the problems of traditional searchlights with lightweight, power saving and high illumination.

Taiwan Color Optics believes that the material business is what Taiwan is best at, but when some people give up due to setbacks in their entrepreneurial innovation model, high-quality technology can increase the output value of the business, and the opportunity for economic transformation, because of technological upgrades, is also for themselves. Increase production value.

After going through the hard work of starting a business, Y.P. Chang and C.F. Wang hope to use their experience to encourage more young people. They also emphasized that the company’s operations will be more difficult if it supports the livelihood of more than 100 families. They are also very proud to say, “Every employee They all receive more than 30k, and their salaries start with the prefix 3, there is no such thing as 22k!”

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