Taiwan’s AI chip accelerator is gaining prominence and heading to the U.S. Nasdaq.
SemiLux-TCO is making strides towards becoming a unicorn.

The world’s second-largest securities exchange, Nasdaq, is about to welcome the light from Taiwan – Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. (TCO) is set to go public. In order to help the public understand the path to Nasdaq listing, the company, in collaboration with the Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association, successfully organized a pre-listing press conference on December 21 at The Howard PLAZA Hotel Taipei. The event was co-hosted by Huai-Chia LO, CEO of the Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association, and Dr. YP Chang, Chairman and Co-CEO of SemiLux International Ltd.

SemiLux established by TCO, will officially list on the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Market in January 2024, under the ticker symbols “SELX” and “NASDAQ: SELX”. The post-listing equity value is expected to reach $380 million USD. With expertise in Taiwan’s mature semiconductor vertical supply chain integration, silicon photonics, and semiconductor technology, SemiLux-TCO aims to advance towards a unicorn status with a market value exceeding $500 million USD, becoming a leader in the global automotive AI chip accelerator market.

TCO successful in penetrating the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply chain for key components of intelligent car lighting in European automotive factories and other renowned brands, took a proactive step into the rapidly growing autonomous driving industry. In July 2023, SemiLux was officially established, actively engaging in close cooperation with global customers (OEM/Tier-1) to jointly develop and produce high-precision optoelectronic sensing modules, AI chip accelerators, and backend applications. This aims to meet specific integration needs in various commercial and consumer products, including drones, comprehensive smart lighting for both internal and external automotive use, and system optoelectronic sensors.

Dr. YP Chang, Chairman and Co-CEO, stated that SemiLux was established as a Limited Partnership under the promotion of TCO. TCO, with nearly 15 years of experience, has R&D and manufacturing centers in Hsinchu Science Park and Central Taiwan Science Park, focusing on AI chip design, laser application modules, and key components. The primary technologies include solutions for autonomous driving, Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) headlight, and photoelectric sensors, applicable to self-driving cars, drones, and more. In terms of research and development, TCO continues to collaborate with National Chung Hsing University to advance research, design, and application of silicon photonics and semiconductor technology in LiDAR sensors and ADB headlight.

Dr. Chun-Nien Liu, Chief Technology Officer, emphasized that TCO is committed to providing cutting-edge, precise, and efficient optoelectronic sensing and imaging solutions for autonomous driving and drone applications. Playing a crucial role in promoting innovation and advancing the field of optoelectronic sensing technology, SemiLux is set to be listed on the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Market in January 2024. Dr. YP Chang, mentioned that SemiLux’s stock symbol is “SELX” (NASDAQ: “SELX”), and the estimated post-listing equity value is expected to reach $380 million USD, with a combined total market value exceeding $500 million USD.

Co-CEO Alan Wang emphasized that with the accelerating urbanization process and the increasing purchasing power of emerging economies, the sales of automobiles with autonomous driving capabilities are expected to grow significantly. Therefore, he is optimistic about the demand for automotive semiconductor chips such as LiDAR systems and ADB headlight. Leveraging its AI chip design capabilities, SemiLux-TCO has the advantage of Taiwan’s vertically integrated semiconductor ecosystem. Through collaborative research and development with partner customers, the company is promoting the adoption of silicon photonics semiconductor technology. In the future, it will dedicate efforts to the development of autonomous driving technology, aiming to become a global leader in chips for self-driving cars.

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