AI Accelerator Chip

Tailored for expediting AI computations, AI accelerator chips offer superior speed and energy efficiency compared to general-purpose processors.

Engineered to handle prevalent AI model operations like matrix multiplications and convolutions, these chips dramatically accelerate both training and inference tasks.

This empowers researchers, data scientists, and engineers to develop and deploy AI models with heightened efficiency.

Solid State LiDAR Solution

TCO utilizes cutting-edge solid-state components in our advanced technology, ensuring superior reliability, durability, and a compact design.

Our Solid State LiDAR excels in precision 3D mapping and object detection, delivering unmatched performance for applications like autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and smart infrastructure.

ADB Solution

TCO’s Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) solution dynamically adapts headlight beam patterns to surroundings and oncoming traffic.

Enhancing visibility and minimizing glare, our solution ensures a safer driving experience.

Leveraging advanced sensors and adaptive control algorithms, our headlight systems optimize illumination, delivering unparalleled performance across diverse driving conditions.

Other Optical products

Optical Coating: Color filter. Dichroic Mirror, Stripe Mirror, Color Wheels

Wafer Level Optics: Micro Lens, Diffusers

Phosphor Materials: Synthesized, each one has its own characteristic color of emission. Widely used for various kinds of illumination and display devices.