Company profile

Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. was founded in 2009. In 2015, we were approved to set up a factory in the Central Science Park and we currently have five factories in the park as a production and R&D base, covering an area of 4,105 square meters. Our R&D members have solid backgrounds in optoelectronics and electronics, and have considerable experience in the relevant industry.

We are an optical technology company with rich experience and extensive knowledge in customization design and supply of optical components. We design and produce high-precision optics and fluorescent modules for the needs of clients, and we are also good at vertical integration of design and production.
We are awarded Grand Prize at ASPA Awards in 2015 and CTSP Innovative Product Award in 2016. Since 2016, we have continuously implemented our technologies into laser lights, stage lights and other fields, and now we go into mass production and sell these goods to clients. Furthermore, we have developed a crystal grown process and made crystal phosphor to improve light conversion efficiency, reliability and reduce product size one step further, and successively handed over the products to worldly known corporations. We believe that with the accumulated research and development capabilities, we have the opportunity to break through the current bottleneck of solid-state light source technology and significantly enhance the competitiveness of key components and modules.

Compact LiDAR Technology Revolutionizes Autonomous Vehicles

LiDAR technology has evolved beyond the limitations of first-generation devices, which were costly, bulky, and prone to reliability issues, especially under direct sunlight or when facing interference from similar sensors. The automotive industry has long sought after LiDAR sensors that are not only high-performance and long-range but also economical, ideally under $500. Our company has innovatively tackled these challenges by engineering LiDAR sensors integrated entirely on a chip. These photonic integrated circuits, crafted from conventional silicon, boast a no-moving-parts design that emits and receives light internally. The result is a compact, reliable, and cost-effective sensor that seamlessly fits into the sleek designs of modern vehicles. LiDAR’s edge comes from its operation in the infrared spectrum, at wavelengths between 905 and 1,550 nanometers. This precise wavelength range allows for significantly tighter focus and superior spatial resolution compared to automotive radar, paving the way for safer and smarter self-driving cars.


Surpassing traditional mechanical and MEMS-based systems, our IC LiDAR offers a comprehensive solution for autonomous vehicles. With the market’s mechanical LiDARs hindered by size, complexity, and cost, our solid-state Optical Phased Array (OPA) approach emerges as the superior alternative. It eliminates moving parts, reduces manufacturing challenges, and integrates seamlessly into vehicle designs without compromising aesthetics.

Our OPA LiDAR leverages a compact chip with 2200 nano-resonators over 6×4 mm², achieving a sweeping field-of-view and high-resolution via an innovative electronic control structure. This allows for precise environmental scanning without the bulk and fragility of mechanical systems. Unlike flash LiDARs with high energy consumption and limited range, our IC chip-based system promises high-speed, accurate detection with minimal power draw.

We’ve integrated a VCSEL laser, an APD light sensor, and trans-impedance amplifiers, all controlled by a programmable chip (FPGA/ASIC), into a single solid-state LiDAR unit. Our technology addresses the automotive industry’s demands for affordability, compactness, and reliability, paving the way for scalable production while maintaining adaptability for high-end upgrades.


Understanding the cost-conscious nature of Tier-1 suppliers and automakers, our focus has been on delivering competitively priced LiDAR components without compromising on quality. Our original solution architecture is designed with cost-efficiency at its core, harnessing our strong connections within Taiwan’s robust semiconductor ecosystem. This strategic approach enables us to offer high-performance, solid-state LiDAR and ADB smart vehicle lighting systems that not only excel in performance and power efficiency but also meet the stringent budgetary constraints of our clients.

Management Philosophy

  • Designing and developing variety of optical products and materials to meet client’s needs.
  • Collaborating with clients in researching and improving to promote product’s yield rate.
  • Offering finished or semi finished products in every stage to satisfy our customers with demands for manufacturing process or cost counting.
  • Actively develop next-generation optical products and applications to create new applications and added value.


  • 2009 Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. was founded
  • 2015 Approved to enter the Central Science Park
  • 2015 Awarded Grand Prize at ASPA Awards
  • 2016 Awarded CTSP Innovative Product Award
  • 2017 Received ISO 9000:2015 certification
  • 2018 Received ISO 14000:2015 certification
  • 2018 Approved to enter Hsinchu Science Park opens branch