IC Design Services

TCO provides an extensive SoC design service platform, ensuring the delivery of high-quality SoCs to our customers.

Through TCO, we have successfully delivered SoC design services across 22nm to 5nm technologies in various foundries.

AI Sensor Fusion

TCO’s AI sensor fusion technology integrates data from various sensors, employing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to boost accuracy and attain a more holistic environmental understanding.

This synergistic approach optimizes data utilization, elevating capabilities in navigation, surveillance, and diverse sensing scenarios for enhanced performance.

Autonomous Driving

Including bus, car and truck, the integration of AI chips and LiDAR in autonomous vehicles ensures real-time data processing, improving safety through precise object detection and adaptive decision-making.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) / Drone

Combining AI acceleration chips with LiDAR enhances drone autonomy for navigation and mapping, enabling applications in surveillance and environmental monitoring.

Rail Traffic Detection

AI chips and LiDAR enhance rail safety by providing high-precision 3D mapping for early obstacle detection and efficient traffic management.

Smart Transportation

In smart transportation systems, AI chips and LiDAR work together to optimize traffic management, dynamic route planning, and overall system efficiency.

Surveillance Security

Integrating AI chips with LiDAR strengthens security measures, providing comprehensive 3D mapping and precise object detection for effective surveillance and threat prevention.

3D Visual Inspection

Combining AI acceleration chips and LiDAR facilitates meticulous quality control in manufacturing by capturing detailed spatial information for defect identification.