2019 International Optoelectronics Exhibition (OPTO Taiwan) Tour Taiwan Color Optics Inc. General Manager Y. P. Chang /Exclusive Interview

#2019 International Optoelectronics Exhibition Sparks Marketing Topics
#Optical Technology Forum Highlights 5G Optical Communication
#Trends in Optical Sensing Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

For promoting cross-field exchanges in optoelectronics, promoting industrial cooperation, creating business opportunities, policy advice, and going global have always been the goals of the Optoelectronics Association (PIDA). The 2019 “International Optoelectronics Show” and the “Taiwan International Laser Show” will be jointly exhibited at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from October 16 to 18, 2019, with a scale of 323 booths and 170 manufacturers, and is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors of visitors participated in this event.

Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry continues to transform, developing in the direction of production services, cooperative research and development, and processing services. According to estimates from the Optoelectronics Association, the annual output value of Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry in 2019 will reach NT$1.66 trillion. Although it has not exceeded its previous scale, the industry is developing in unique, niche, and high-end directions, preparing for future growth. Ready to go.

The International Optoelectronics Exhibition was first held in 1984 and has now become one of the world’s leading optoelectronics exhibitions. This exhibition focuses on innovative applications of optoelectronics, including 5G optical communications, precision optics, automotive lenses and other sensing components required for AIoT and self-driving cars, creating a base for Taiwan’s innovation and transformation.

#Precision Optics demonstrates Taiwan’s strong industrial strength

The precision optics industry is Taiwan’s most historical, industrial cluster, and model of steady and progressive technological development; global mobile phones, cameras,car use, optical component supplier for consumer electronics and information communications products. It is also highly competitive in industries such as robot vision systems, safety monitoring, and automatic optical inspection. “Taiwan Precision Optics Exhibition” is Taiwan’s only international professional optical exhibition, demonstrating industrial strength and providing business opportunities to create markets.

#5G optical communication accelerates industrial upgrading

Today’s life is almost inseparable from high-definition digital mobile communication products. With the popularization of optical fiber network construction and the increase in network bandwidth, wireless network signal transmission speeds are faster and more real-time, making everything possible. The new era of Internet is getting closer and closer to us, which means that the optoelectronics industry has officially ushered in the new era of 5G “AI TAIWAN”. This International Optoelectronic Exhibition has specially set up Taiwan’s first [5G Optical Communication Theme Pavilion], from components, modules, to product applications, the serial optical communication supply chain will be jointly exhibited to fully present the latest 5G cloud optical communication technology and applications, while gathering Relevant industry buyers create the best display platform for products and services for optical communications supply chain players.

#Healthy Optoelectronics extends the visibility of the LED industry

Following white light lighting, UV LED has caught up with the topic of healthy optoelectronics and has become the next growth theme of the LED industry. But LED actually still needs the development of new applications and the improvement of technical standards to create a higher-dimensional market space. Grasping the globalization trend of UV LED will not only help in future investment, operation, technology development and other market strategies, but it is also the best tool to analyze the layout strategies of foreign competitors and seek international cooperation business opportunities for technology transfer and licensing. PIDA also invites domestic heavyweight LED manufacturers to promote UV LED technology at the exhibition venue.

# Smart Optoelectronics mainly promotes Micro LED and automotive technology

According to the global market survey of Micro LED displays conducted by Japan’s Yano Research Institute in 2019, the number of displays equipped with Micro LED in the world is expected to reach 10.83 million units in 2027. Optimistic about the potential of Micro LED in the display industry, the Cross-Strait Micro LED Technology and Economic and Trade Exchange Forum was held during the exhibition to warm up the promotion of Micro LED.

#Science ParkJoining the grand event

The Science Park, which leads Taiwan’s technological trends, is also participating in the exhibition this year; manufacturers participating in the park’s image pavilion include automotive optoelectronics, lithium batteries, photoelectric detection technology services, biomedical metal materials and other companies, displaying rich technical content.

#Exhibition related forums to see innovative applications

The “Optical Technology Forum” is held concurrently with the Optoelectronics Exhibition and has been well received by the industry for many years.Very good reviews, continue to deepen the integration of industry, academia and research. This year, in response to the development trend of optoelectronic technology, PIDA also launched smart vehicle lighting technology trends, LiDAR technology forum, HUD technology trend forum, cross-strait Micro/Mini LED industry technology cooperation forum, 5G optical communication industry forum, and cooperative optical integration Circuit International Workshop and other seminar activities. The Optical Technology Forum gathers experts and scholars at home and abroad to find a way out for Taiwan’s optoelectronic transformation, so that optoelectronic technology can continue to develop in various fields.

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