Looking at the world, the Three Musketeers challenge multiple fields (Central Taiwan Science Park Newsletter)

逢甲大学同期の三人が台湾彩光科技を創立 CTSP Exclusive Interview—Three Founders of Taiwan Color Optics, Inc.

C.F. Wang, Y.P. Chang and Kirk Huang are three classmates from Feng Chia University. They were originally active in the workplace with favorable conditions, but they share a common life ambition – entrepreneurship. After receiving support from their families at the age of 35, the Three Musketeers resolutely left the workplace and began to support each other in working together, walking together, and growing up on the road of “entrepreneurship.” So in October 1998, “Taiwan Color Optics, Inc.” It came into being. In the early days of the company’s founding, the product content was focused on the development of “optics combined with green energy” and other fields. Therefore, three like-minded partners embarked on a fantasy optical journey.

In the early days of its establishment, the company did not have niche products, and its development direction still needed to be adjusted. It also went through a period of hard times. “There were three people who shared two electric fans. They looked at the air-conditioning but didn’t dare to press the remote control. In the end, they had to wear sweatshirts to work…” There are endless things like this.

After visiting many industry leaders, we chose “laser light source application products” as the main research and development force, and participated in the product development plan of Texas Instruments in the United States. We successfully obtained certification and entered the supply chain. We were also recognized by well-known domestic and foreign listed companies. Order. At this point, the company’s operational direction has been initially determined.

With the successful development of innovative products, the company has received financial, network and resource support from shareholders such as Cai Jinchi, general manager of Bohhen Optronics Co., Ltd. Team, Ou Ruiyao, chairman of Minzhi Investment, and has launched an industry-university cooperation development plan with the team of Professor Wood – Hi Cheng of  National Chung Hsing University. , with the efforts of the entire team and the input of resources from all parties, we have successfully developed products that use phosphors for laser light sources, with a market share of up to 90% in this field. Taiwan IPL’s turnover in 2015 has reached US$3 million. Compared with 2014, its growth rate is 380%. It is believed that this year’s turnover will climb to another peak again.

However, with the increase in business volume, the demand for space is urgent. Fortunately, through previous successful experience in industry-government-academic cooperation, we know that the Central Taiwan Science Park is a very good investment environment, so after careful introduction by colleagues from the China Science and Technology Management Bureau , submitted the application and obtained the zone entry permit to settle in. As of 2016, it has expanded to three factory areas. Taiwan Color Optics is very grateful to the Central Taiwan Science Park for its assistance and care over the past few years. It’s truly inspiring for Taiwan Color Optics  as a maturing company.

One time, Taiwan Color Optics noticed an international competition in the regular Central Taiwan Science Park News Notice – “2015 Asian Science Park Association” Annual Award. I want to say that the company is still in the growth stage, and if there is a chance to be shortlisted, it will be greatly improved. To increase international exposure, I submitted my application to participate. Fortunately, I was favored by the China Science and Technology Administration to represent Taiwan in the competition. After being approved by the association’s judges, I qualified for the finals. So CEO C.F. Wang and General Manager Y.P. Chang personally went to Japan’s Kanagawa Science Park to participate in the ASPA 2015 finals and won the first prize. After winning the award, the international visibility has greatly increased, and it has also been recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and orders have grown steadily. Thanks to the advice and assistance from the Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan Color Optics can fully prepare for the competition without any worries, which is really heart-warming.

With the success of product research and development, excellent quality has become the goal that Taiwan Color Optics adheres to. The successful joint development model and good quality policy with domestic and foreign customers have brought about a high degree of growth. Looking at the past two years, both in terms of turnover and gains Interest rates have increased several times, which is not easy in the recent difficult environment.

In addition to the existing application fields of laser light sources, Taiwan Color Optics is also constantly in contact with leading companies in the global industry and maintaining cooperative relationships with academia. Recently, it has actively invested in the fields of Internet of Vehicles, virtual reality, drones and biomedicine, and has achieved initial good results in research and development. With the combination of domestic and foreign resources, it is expected to play an indispensable role in the next wave of star industries.

Looking around the world, the development of science and technology is changing rapidly.evolutionIt has also entered a high degree of vertical integration. In addition to maintaining leading R&D technologies, Taiwan Color Optics also hopes to win glory for Taiwan, keep technology and talents in Taiwan, and expand globally.​

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