Central Taiwan Science Park turnover exceeded RMB 100 billion in January and February this year, an increase of 56.76%

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] Central Taiwan Science Park held an "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Insights and Opportunities Sharing Session" today. Director Chen Minghuang said that due to the steady recovery of the international economy, Central Taiwan Science Park 's revenue last year was 563.8 billion yuan, an increase of 11.13% over the previous year. , reaching a new high, estimated at 109.446 billion yuan in early January and February this year, a huge increase of 56.76% over the same period last year.

The Ministry of Central Taiwan Science Park has promoted the innovation and entrepreneurship incentive program “FITI” for many years. This year, the Central Taiwan Science Park held a sharing meeting. Director Chen Minghuang announced on the spot that Central Taiwan Science Park’s revenue reached a new high last year, reaching 563.8 billion yuan, and this year it is estimated to be 620 billion yuan. .

 In addition, the number of employees in Central Taiwan Science Park last year reached more than 43,000, an increase of 8.9% over the previous year. The land rental rate reached 92.09%, and the standard factory rental rate reached 100%.

 What makes Central Taiwan Science Park even more happy is that the initial estimate of revenue from January to February this year is about 109.446 billion yuan, a huge increase of 56.76% from 69.818 billion yuan in the same period last year. Among them, the visibility of orders for semiconductors and mechanical equipment products is good, while mobile devices, Internet of things, virtual reality,wisdomBusiness opportunities in emerging application fields such as automobiles continue to ferment, which is expected to boost my country’s export momentum and thereby boost the turnover of park manufacturers.

 Chen Minghuang said that this year, Central Taiwan Science Park’s annual turnover is expected to increase by 10% compared with 2016, reaching a new record high, reaching 620 billion yuan.

 Central Taiwan Science Park stated that the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program “FITI” launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology since 102 has mentored a total of 90 FITI selected teams, of which 8 teams won the Entrepreneurship Excellence Award and 23 teams established companies. In addition, the park incubated There are also 64 new start-up manufacturers stationed in the center, with accumulated capital of NT$1.5 billion.

 In the future, the FITI innovation team and start-up companies will be stationed in the AI Robotics at CTSP. This year, the self-made base has selected 30 subsidy cases, with a total subsidy amount of NT$124.5 million. It is expected that more than 18 robot-related new companies can be established. Start a company.

  In addition, Central Taiwan Science Park also invited Taiwan Color Optics, Inc., which settled in the Central Taiwan Science Park in 2015 and won the annual first prize of the Asia University Park Association that year and won the CTSP Outstanding Manufacturer Innovative Product Award in 2016, to share its experience.

 Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. specializes in high-power solid-state laser light source modules and application products, including laser projectors, laser car lights and special green energy lighting.

 Although the company is not a manufacturer of the FITI program guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, it has performed very well. It had no revenue in the first three years after its establishment in 2009. However, General Manager Y.P. Chang and CEO C.F. Wang did not give up and developed new technologies. Now they have In visible light laser technology, the capital amount has increased from more than 2 million yuan at the beginning to 200 million yuan now, with a turnover of more than 220 million yuan, and a gross profit of up to 50%. It is hoped that the turnover can reach 2 billion yuan from 2019 to 2021.

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