The company’s board of directors resolved to convene relevant matters at the 2023 regular shareholders’ meeting

Convene a regular (special) shareholders' meeting (for publicly traded and all companies before 94.5.5)

Announcement number: 1
Purpose: The company’s board of directors has resolved to convene matters related to the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting for 2023
Type of shareholders’ meeting: regular shareholders’ meeting
Meeting date: 2023/06/30
Closing date of transfer: 2023/05/02
Closing date of transfer: 2023/06/30
Announcement content:

This (2023) annual shareholders’ meeting is scheduled to be held at 15:00 pm on Friday, June 30, 2020. The location and reasons for the convening are as follows:

1.Location: 4th Floor, No. 32, Keya Road, Daya District, Taichung City (our company’s conference room )

2.Reasons for convening:

   1)Reporting matters

      A.2022 annual business report.

      B.2022 annual supervisor review report.

      C.Report on employee remuneration distribution in 2011.

   2)Acknowledgment matters

      A.2022 annual business report and financial statements.

      B.2022 surplus distribution case.

   3)Participation, other motions or temporary motions

3.The start and end date of suspension of transfer: 2023/5/2~2023/6/30.

4.According to the provisions of Article 172-1 of the Company Law of the Republic of China, shareholders holding more than 1% of the total number of issued shares of the company may submit a shareholders’ general meeting resolution to the company in writing, but each shareholder must propose a resolution. There is a limit, and the content of the proposal must not exceed 300 words.

   1)Acceptance period: 2023/4/24~2023/5/4 2 p.m.

   2)Acceptance method: In person or by mail (if submitted by mail, the mail delivery date must be before the deadline for accepting proposals, and please mark “Letter for Proposal for Regular Meeting of Shareholders” on the cover of the envelope and send it by registered mail) It also states the contact person and method for submitting an application to the company for the board of directors’ review and response to the review results.

   3)Acceptance location: Taiwan Color Light Technology Co., Ltd. (Address: 4th Floor, No. 32, Keya Road, Daya District, Taichung City).

   4)If there are any unfinished matters mentioned above, they shall be handled in accordance with Article 172-1 of the Company Law.

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